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    WANTED: camera person


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    WANTED: camera person Empty WANTED: camera person

    Post  Kori123 on 3/15/2009, 5:43 am

    LeekN00bs is looking for an official camera person! Badly. Usually it's MdWolf, Kori and Pepsi doing things and it's hard to get pictures and videos out when you're trying to record the three but only have three people... Makes it difficult...

    - Steady hand (you will be filming moving objects and moving with them and must be quick and steady at the same time)
    - Some knowledge on cameras and video cameras
    - A small profile of past work
    - Some photoshop experience would be nice (in case you have to do some work on your own)
    - Flexible hours

    A camera person doens't mean you'll only do camera stuff either. A lot of the time Kori will be doing it but those times when Kori wants to be in on stuff, we need to have someone there. You, of course, will still be allowed to cosplay. We encourage it actually.

    - Automatically included in activities (It sounds bad but not everyone can go)
    - Get to be in charge of photoshoots (you make the shots!)
    - When Leekerz decides to get shirts and stuff, you get one
    - Get to handle some pretty cool equiptment (if you're big on photography and filming, these things are great to play with!)

    That being said we will be doing a photo shoot try-out thing sometime in April/May for those interested in signing up. Get in your practice and show us what you got!

    Those signed up:
    - Tena

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