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    Post  Kori123 on 3/15/2009, 5:55 am

    Hair color:
    Hair length:
    Eye color:
    Skin color:
    Home setting:
    Current setting:

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    Post  Kori123 on 3/15/2009, 10:13 pm

    Name: Kori Lynn Zinc
    Age: 11 years old
    Birthday: March 22nd
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Wizard
    Hair color: Brown but magically dyed silver about five inches from the bottom tips.
    Hair length: When in ponytails, the hair wraps down midback and curls from there. When down it's a little longer than her butt but still curls up. Kori has bangs that tuck behind her ears for easy seeing access.
    Eye color: Sapphire blue
    Skin color: A normal peachy color
    Father: Alfred J. Zinc (deceased, muggle)
    Stepfather: Lucious M. Seawing
    Mother: Natalie Jane Zinc Seawing (muggle)
    Siblings: Naku and Artemis (deceased)
    Home setting: Kori is the youngest of her siblings and the only girl so she was picked on quite a lot by her brothers. After the death of both her father and oldest brother Artemis, Naku became more protective and the teasings stopped. After Naku became one of the best seekers at Hogwarts though, he begun his teasing and ignoring once more, leaving their relationship bitter. All and all though, the home Kori grew up in was cozy and on the coast line where she'd often watch the ocean.
    Current setting: When her mother remarried her wizardly stepfather, the family moved somewhere in mid-London. Kori hated it there since there was no ocean view, but she learned to deal with it. Eventually she got use to the idea and learned to love it.
    Talents: Kori is great when it comes to charms and spells. She use to practice with her older brother Artemis before he died. She works very hard on them to keep his memory fresh and alive in her mind.
    Quirks: Kori's pigtails have been known to occasionally move.
    Other: --

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    Post  Tena_Leogirl723 on 3/15/2009, 10:36 pm

    Name: Tena Tenjo
    Age: 11 years old
    Gender: she's female i swear
    Breed:wizard/ witch thingy
    Hair color: light red or dark pink.
    Hair length: shoulder length and layered
    Eye color: silverish blue
    Skin color: fair
    Father: dead
    Mother: dead
    Siblings: none
    Home setting: she lives wiht her large boobed aunt whose the ehad master of hogwarts school or wizardy. and is afraid of big boobs XD
    Current setting: hogwarts
    Talents: you'll find out eventually when i think fo some XD
    Quirks: she over reacts to everything O.O
    Other: her aunt is a death eater who servives off of people life energy and Tena gathers life energy thats been used by the people aorund her and recycels it so she can keep on living but often lets her aunt feed off of her so her aunt can survive. and she raises and breeds black unicorns at her aunts large mansion ranch thing.

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    Post  Kori123 on 3/20/2009, 10:05 am

    Name: Veeta
    Age: (by human terms) far too old
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Lycan
    Hair color: Red-orange
    Hair length: Shoulder length, usually held up in a ponytail
    Eye color: Blue, but will change yellow when in wolven form
    Skin color: Often pale from hidding underground
    Father: A far decendant from Lucian himself (very far)
    Siblings: A twin brother named Vylas
    Current setting: Living underground somewhere in New York (she thinks)

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    Post  mdwolf on 3/21/2009, 6:05 am

    Age:Just bitten little ago but yet somehow special compared to most(looks around 20)
    Hair color:Black with blue streaks
    Hair length:little further than his chin
    Eye color:green but when more vampiric it turns blue
    Skin color:White
    Father:never knew
    Siblings:Older brother but is in a different clan
    Current setting:In a very nice mansion
    Other:since he is still new he is kind of jumpy

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