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    Sai's day out...sorta


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    Sai's day out...sorta Empty Sai's day out...sorta

    Post  Kori123 on 3/28/2009, 6:01 am

    MdWolf, Pepsi and I were going to do a skit. Basically is was based off an episode of Spongebob where they do 'wild and crazy' things but really it's just lame.

    But we decided to do it unprepared, with no script or wigs with cosplay a bit off. In the end, our skit turned into a big mess. I didn't want the footage to go to waste though, so I threw this together.

    I would say they're the bloopers, but really since there's no script, it's just us goofing off you could say.

    Anyway, enjoy it...

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